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How to Spot a Fake FLORIDA ID

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For any notarization, not only must the signer be present, but it is your duty as the notary to ensure the signer provides adequate identification. While the average notary probably cannot detect expertly faked identification documents, there are some hallmarks that if present could raise the notary's suspicions. Being meticulous about checking identification can save you time, money, and hassle in the long run.

Here are a few key features you can look for when examining a Florida Driver’s License:

The edge of the ID can be a good indicator of authenticity.

  • Real Florida IDs are smooth, have uniform edges, and are one complete plastic surface.
  • Fake Florida IDs may have edges that may appear to be peeling or can be lifted. Their layers might give or buckle when slightly bent. Raised surfaces on the ID can indicate the layering of a photograph or other information on top of the original ID.

Florida security features should always be present.

  • Real Florida IDs have a “ghost photograph” located in the bottom right of the ID. The “ghost photograph” is essentially a faded copy of the main ID picture. Another prominent security feature that will be present are the holograms located on the surface.
  • Fake Florida IDs may not have a “ghost photograph” or may not include holograms on their surface. While these are easily detectable, be aware that holograms can be faked. One way to tell if a hologram is fake is to check for air pockets in the layer between the hologram and the ID surface.

It is difficult to replicate the "R" in "EXPIRES" located on the front of the ID.

  • Real Florida IDs have an altered ‘R’ in ‘EXPIRES’ – the bottom right leg of the ‘R’ is cut off.
  • Fake Florida IDs have no such alteration. The word ‘EXPIRES’ will look exactly as expected.

Here are some additional things you can look for on the back of the ID.

  • Real Florida IDs have a magnetic strip that runs horizontally across the back of the ID. In addition, a one-dimensional barcode will stretch from the base of the card up to the magnetic strip.
  • Fake Florida IDs may be missing a magnetic strip or have one-dimensional barcodes that do not reach all the way up to the magnetic strip. This is a common sign that you are looking at a fake Florida ID.
  Regardless of the Florida-specific features, you should always pay attention to the details listed on the ID. Does the ID say the person before you is a 6’2” man, when you are clearly dealing with someone who is no taller than 5’7”? Is the license current? Does the birthday listed on the ID match the relative age of the person in front of you? If after all of this you are still uncertain about the legitimacy of the Florida ID being presented to you, you can always ask for additional sources of identification. Better safe, than sorry.
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