Inland Editions is currently putting its publishing activities on hold. Read more about our work in the past below.

Inland Editions was established to publish critical texts on social issues, art, and culture by young authors from various professional and research backgrounds. Our work aimed to explore meaningful connections across disciplines and interrogate the significance of the book as a platform for sharing ideas in the post-digital age.

Inland Editions is a non-profit publishing initiative based in London/Lisbon active between 2014-2017. It was founded by Maria Inês Cruz and Lozana Rossenova.

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Maria Inês Cruz
Lozana Rossenova

Øystein Arbo
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We work with independent booksellers internationally and handle distribution inhouse. If you would like to stock our books in your shop get in touch via email.

Workshops & talks

In the past, we have run workshops, presented talks and lectures about our practice and the opportunites (and challanges) of independent publishing.

10.03.2016 | Workshop on independent publishing practices | University of the West of England, Bristol

19.12.2015 | Future Library Publishing Fair | Open School East, London

12.12.2015 | The form of the book in alternative publishing practices | Face Forward Typography Conference, Dublin

21.11.2015 | Library Tales | Printroom, Rotterdam